19 Best Places to Live in Miami, FL, in 2023

May 26th


Miami is one of the most popular metropolitan areas in the United States. The sunny Florida weather, Formula 1 racetrack, and stunning beaches are just some of the many attractions that draw residents in.

The new developments and investments in Miami are also making this an attractive area for new residents.

Want to learn more about the best residential neighborhoods and vibrant downtown Miami areas? Keep reading as we explore the best 19 places to live in Miami, helping you to make the right choice for your next home and experience the best of sunny Miami!


How to Choose the Best Place to Live in Miami?

When deciding where to settle next, there are several important factors to keep in mind, including what there is to do there. Below are some of the things you should consider when choosing between the best neighborhoods in Miami

  • Budget—you need to consider how expensive homes in the area are.
  • Safety—it’s a good idea to check the crime rate in the area to see how safe you will feel when living there.
  • Amenities—it’s no good moving somewhere only to find they don’t have the amenities you need. You should look at the restaurants, cinemas, shopping centers, and amenities close to the neighborhood to ensure it meets all of your needs.
  • Housing type—if the area only has detached houses and your budget can only cover an apartment, then the area won’t be suitable for you or your family.

These considerations will help you determine your needs and what you value most in a new neighborhood.


Learn All About These 19 Best Places to Live in Miami, FL, in 2023

Now that you know which features and qualities you should look for when choosing a Miami neighborhood, let’s dive in. Here is our list of the 19 best communities in Miami for you to choose from!



Pinecrest is a carefully managed suburban village in Miami. If you’re looking to adopt the suburban lifestyle, you’ll be amazed at what Pinecrest has to offer. Plenty of parks, botanical gardens, lakes, and rich wildlife will be on your doorstep in Pinecrest.

The village is managed by five council members that act per the Government to provide safety and perform homeowner’s association duties. Pinecrest is a great place for families as it is one of the safest neighborhoods in Miami. If you require extra safety and security, you can always choose one of the gated communities in Pinecrest for your next home.


South Beach

With an eye for beauty and fashion, the famous Gianni Versace chose to make South Beach his home. South Beach is where you will find the Versace mansion, which offers glorious beaches for all to enjoy.

Ocean Drive in South Beach is known for providing Art Deco architecture, an unmissable pedestrian shopping district, and stunning beach views. This is a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood in Miami where you will find many tourists and sun-seekers.

As with any other metropolis, there are some shady areas in South Beach that it might be wise to avoid. However, South Beach is moderately safe and provides an excellent neighborhood if you’re seeking somewhere vibrant and eclectic to live.


Coral Gables

Coral Gables’ most famous attraction is its Venetian pool, carved into the remnants of a mining quarry. Coral Gables has everything you need if you want to swim but wish to avoid the beachfront neighborhoods. You’ll find botanical gardens and aquariums right on your doorstep.

The area itself has something for everyone—it’s a mix of suburban and urban elements, providing both fast-paced and slower living options for residents.

If you live in the areas closest to Miami, the crime rate in Coral Gables will be higher. Property crimes in Coral Gables are the largest contributor to the crime rate, and therefore, the neighborhood is still relatively safe for residents.


South of Fifth

This is a small neighborhood located on the southern tip of Miami Beach. It is considered a very affluent area, offering many local eateries and yacht ports for residents to enjoy.

Since this is a very metropolitan area, you’re more likely to find stunning condos than detached homes in this neighborhood. You’d be surrounded by breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean in your SoFi home.


Glenvar Heights

Glenvar Heights is a census-designated neighborhood in Miami with plenty of attractions. The Doug Barnes Park offers opportunities for kayaking, open-water swimming, and other lake water sports.

Most residents in Glenvar Heights own their homes, and it is considered one of the safer neighborhoods to live in Miami.

Glenvar Heights would be the right choice for you and your family if you’re looking for a quiet urban feel.


Little Havana

Little Havana is a very historic neighborhood with a rich Cuban influence. Living here will give you access to authentic Cuban food, and you will be situated amongst some heavily Cuban-inspired architecture.

Little Havana is still considered a safe neighborhood. However, there is a higher gang presence in Little Havana than in other parts of Miami, so it’s important to keep this in mind when deciding whether to move here.

If you’re a dancing fan, you and your family will love the festivals, dancing, and festivities that regularly occur in Little Havana. The housing options in this area mainly include condos and apartments rather than houses and detached properties.


Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is often considered one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in Miami. Its palm tree-lined streets and oceanside location make it a serene environment. The sidewalk cafes and upscale boutiques make this an incredibly sought-after location.

This is an ideal location for families and home buyers interested in boating, and it offers condos and beach houses.

Coconut Grove is about 55% safer than the rest of Miami, and you can expect a high level of safety and privacy when living in this area.


West Miami

West Miami is a calm neighborhood, mainly populated by elderly citizens and families. There is an abundance of stores, plazas, and markets to enjoy. The crime rate in West Miami is in line with the crime rates for most cities in the USA.

There is plenty of cultural diversity in West Miami, with many English and Spanish-speaking people intermingled.

If you’re a Spanish-speaking citizen, West Miami offers proximity to Spanish and American cultural influences for a perfect blend!

Best Place To Live in Miami - Chatburn Living - West Miami

Bal Harbour

Bal Harbour is a popular resort located within walking distance of a stunning bay. It is located just south of Fort Lauderdale. The white sandy shores make for a beautiful morning walk, jog, or beach day with the family. Bal Harbour has plenty of restaurants, bars, and shops to enjoy. The neighborhood has a dense urban feel, and most residents own their homes.

However, Bal Harbour is home to many hotels and resorts and is a relatively affluent area, so it has a higher crime rate than most US cities. Bal Harbour is close to Oleta State River Park, Bal Harbour Beach, and Haulover Park, providing plenty of direct beach access and days out in the beautiful South Florida landscape.



If you’re into coffee shops, art, and culture, Wynwood is the best choice. Upscale boutiques, late-night bars, and bistro restaurants litter this Miami area. The community life in Wynwood is led by art and culture, with murals from Wynwood’s street artists adorning most of the buildings in the area.

Wynwood may not have waterfront access, but it provides plenty of museums and galleries and is considered a vibrant “happening” place to live.


Brickell and Downtown Miami

Brickell and Downtown Miami are known for providing excellent shopping opportunities and event venues. Downtown Miami, during the daytime, is home to open-air malls, jewelry stores, and department stores.

At night, however, the Kaseya Center makes this area a bustling and vibrant place for music, events, and nightlife. The Perez Art Museum, Florida Grand Opera, and Miami City Ballet are also attractive features for a resident in Downtown Miami.

Downtown Miami properties are primarily condos and apartments as this area is more urban. If you plan to move to Downtown Miami, you will enjoy the vibrant and energetic atmosphere without the hustle and bustle of city life!


Palmetto Bay

Palmetto Bay is a neighborhood in Miami Dade County with a certain level of small-town charm and is considered a village. Palmetto Bay is worth considering if you’re looking for a quaint suburban area!

Bill Sadowski Park is an excellent place for a picnic, and Zoo Miami is a great place to spot some colorful flamingos. There are many parks to facilitate fun days out with the family, and most residents in Palmetto Bay own their homes, increasing the close-knit community life.

The cost of living in Palmetto Bay is slightly higher than the national average, but the crime rate aligns with the national average. This is a safe neighborhood for families moving to Miami.



Aventura is considered a planned suburban city in Miami and has a stunning city skyline you can enjoy from a rooftop restaurant or bar. The Aventura Mall is a famous shopping experience in South Florida.

Aventura Mall houses Bloomingdale’s, two Macy’s stores, and JCPenney. Residents in Aventura can enjoy a luxury shopping experience right on their doorsteps. Aventura properties are primarily condos and apartments, and a few holiday resorts are located in the area.

And, if you’re a fan of outdoor activities, you can enjoy the Tidal Cove Waterpark in Aventura. The crime rate in Aventura is meager, making this one of the best neighborhoods if you’re looking for a safe place to live.



Surfside is known for beautiful serene beaches, direct beach access, and a vibrant food scene. Located in the downtown Miami district, Surfside provides a calm and comforting residential suburban area.

Surfside has a low crime rate, making it an excellent location for young professionals living alone and families who need extra security and privacy.

Properties in Surfside are mostly pleasant villas and condos, allowing you to experience the Miami beach environment without the hustle and bustle of city life.


Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne is a unique neighborhood as it is located on a small island across from mainland Miami. The beautiful Biscayne Bay is backed by a tropical paradise with palm trees and rainforest foliage. If you want your home to feel like a tropical paradise holiday, you might consider purchasing property in Key Biscayne.

You’ll find plenty of upscale restaurants in Key Biscayne, but if you’re thinking about living here, you’ll need to consider the extra commute for things like shopping trips, groceries, and food deliveries.

Privacy is the main attraction of Key Biscayne as it is sparsely populated. Key Biscayne and Biscayne Bay also have a lower crime rate than most American neighborhoods, providing a truly idyllic atmosphere.


Miami Beach

Miami Beach is located on an island connected to mainland Miami by a series of bridges. Miami Beach is known for Ocean Drive, a famous street filled with restaurants and stores.

The Bass Art Museum is an excellent attraction for a Miami Beach tourist or resident. The city also has many parks for family day trips and picnics.

There are plenty of estates and condos in the Miami Beach area.


Miami Shores

Miami Shores is a quiet neighborhood for young professionals and families moving to Miami. The neighborhood is located six miles out from the beach, opposite Biscayne Bay. The Bayfront Park in Miami Shores is a sought-after location for families and beach homes.

The architecture in Miami Shores is in the Mediterranean Revival style, and you’ll find some beautiful Art Deco architecture there, too.

The Miami Shores Country Club, Museum of Contemporary Art, Biscayne Boulevard, and Oleta State River Park are some of the most notable attractions in the area. Miami Shores has a relatively low crime rate, making it suitable for families.


Bay Harbor Islands

The Bay Harbor Islands are located between Biscayne Bay and Bal Harbour, close to the Keystone Islands. If you want your home to feel like an island paradise on the sunny Miami beach, the Bay Harbor Islands make an excellent choice.

You will be near North Beach, connected to mainland Miami by bridges. You can enjoy day trips at Haulover Park or Biscayne Beach, and you can visit Collins Avenue for shopping trips. The property types vary in the Bay Harbor Islands, and you can choose between condos, apartments, and detached homes, depending on your budget.

The crime rate in the Bay Harbour Islands sits around the national average, so the area is considered quite safe.



Edgewater is known for its high-rise condos and apartments and offers plenty of luxury residences. Living in Edgewater, you can enjoy the tennis courts, parks, and gardens in Margaret Pace Park, along with a broad offering of restaurants and cuisines.

Edgewater has a dense urban feel, and most people rent their homes there. It is ideal for professionals and those seeking a fast-paced and vibrant area.

Edgewater’s crime rate sits significantly below the national average, making this a sound choice for those seeking safety and an urban lifestyle.



When choosing where to live in Miami, it’s best to opt for downtown areas and suburban neighborhoods as this will give you some time away from the hustle and bustle of urban areas while still allowing you easy access to urban life.

If you’re considering moving to Miami and wish to experience the beauty of this tropical paradise, you should check out the properties on offer at Chatburn Living. We provide elegant, stunning, and serene properties for families and young professionals in Miami!


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