Landlords! Let’s get the most out of your rental properties. 

The leasing process can be exhausting and overwhelming. At Chatburn Living, we pride ourselves in assisting our Landlord clients in taking off the weight of such process. 

Our services include: 

Intermediate between tenant and landlord.

Preparing home to a move in-ready state.

Scheduling cleaning, maintenance or moving services.

Managing contractors or other service providers.

Scheduling maintenance and/or any repairs needed.

Responding to ad hoc tenant needs in a timely manner.

Ensuring you’re informed of any relevant developments or requirements.

Whatever you need, our team is on-call to ensure your property is impeccably maintained.


From the founder

CEO, Chatburn living

Mark Chatburn

Hi, I’m Mark, great to meet you! As founder of Chatburn Living, and real estate broker with almost 20 years of experience, my number one priority is helping you buy, sell or rent your luxury home fast, efficiently, and within optimal market conditions. If you’re looking for a seasoned professional with unmatched local knowledge, look no further than Chatburn Living. 


For Landlord


During the initial meeting, we will go over your financial goals and discuss market conditions to pinpoint the optimal rental price.

Property Prep

We’ll assess the state of your property and offer suggestions on which, if any, improvements or upgrades should be made.


If your rental is furnished, we can offer our staging expertise, bringing your home to its full potential and ensuring it’s ready to be put on the market at the best possible price.


At this stage, we’ll put your home officially on the market and get it shown far & wide to possible renters.


We will sit down with the necessary parties to hash out all the details. Whether it’s hitting a certain price point, ensuring a certain close-by date, or wherever else you require, we will negotiate to the fullest to ensure you get the best possible deal.

Accepting the Offer

Once you’ve accepted an offer, we’ll get to work drafting all the paperwork to make the final steps as efficient as possible.

Managing Transaction

Once you’ve approved a tenant, we will be on top of all official transaction requirements—and ready to anticipate and respond to any last-minute needs—to ensure smooth sailing for you until the final closing.


We’ll present your tenant with keys and community access information, and be available to answer any questions you or they may have about their new home and location.

Property Management

We pride ourselves in assisting new buyers with absolutely anything they need within the world of real estate. Whether it’s assisting new tenants, sourcing and scheduling maintenance, or helping you plan a major renovation, we’ll sort out the details and oversee all aspects of property and project management, large and small.

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